What makes me unique?  There are literally thousands of photographers out there, outstanding photographers.  Why hire me?  


First and foremost, I will always be honest with you.  From pricing, to styling, to figuring out what portraits you need, and everything in between, I will always make sure your experience is the best for you.  


Second, your portraits will be unique.  My favorite thing about this job is the collaboration between you and me to create art pieces that last.  When we start discussing your session, I'll ask you a lot of questions.  I'll get some images in my head, usually drawn from my background in fine art and art history, to incorprate into your session.  This is time consuming, and the reason I choose to work with only a few clients a month.  I want to ensure that we have your concept nailed, and that what we're putting on your walls is the very best we can do.  


Finally, I love the unexpected.  I love having fun.  My favorite moments are the ones a lot of people would consider outtakes, when you are being ridiculous.  It's the crinkle of a nose, the weird face your kid is making, you deciding that yes, maybe jumping off that wall is a fantastic idea.  Let's do it.  


Seriously.  Let's do it.